Men's Ball Hockey League 2008 Awards

We handed out our annual awards at our banquet dinner last Saturday evening at the Hilltop Pub. It was a fairly good turnout. To those who missed it, you missed out on a great buffet and good time. A few of us ended up at the 20/20 club later in the evening, but that is another story.

See Awards


Ball Hockey Tournament on July 5th - 6th

There will be a ball hockey tournament at the Nackawic Arena on the July 5-6 weekend. Here are the details:

Cost:$120 / team

Age:16 and up

Contact:Chris Desroches at crazycanuck7@hotmail.com, call (506)575-9091 or (506)325-0587 to register your team.

Playing Surface:The hockey rink will be divided into two playing surfaces. This will enable us to play more games and keep the cost down. Each game will consist of 4 players and one goaltender on the floor and no team will have more than 10 players plus a goaltender.

Players must wear a CSA approved helmet. Goalies must wear full goalie gear. Slap shots wil be allowed from anywhere. Every team is guaranteed four games.

Games will be two straight timed 20 minute halves. A ref and a scorekeeper will present for each game.


Ball Hockey Banquet time!!!

The banquet is going to be on May 31st at the Hilltop, starting at 5:30 PM. The cost for the event will be $15. Originally, it was thought to be $10, but we will be having the buffet so it will be a little more.


Week 23 - Playoff Report

Here's the Week 23 Report.


Week 23 - Playoff Stats Updated

Last weeks stats have been updated. Congratulations to the Collective for winning this years playoffs, and to everyone else who played this season, thank you. We hope to have an update per the banquet soon. So please check back often.


Summer Hockey (May 4th - Aug 31st) from 5 - 7 PM

Hey Guys,

I signed the form this morning that permits us to use the York Arena from May 4th to August 31st. We will be playing longer than we did last year, so the cost is a bit pricier. The fee is $56.50 an hour (2 hours each Sunday), which totals $1808.00 for the season. The fee per person for this year will be $80 for the season. We will accept walk-on players at $7 per day, but it's cost effective to pay for the season. Mike Correy will be collecting money again this year (good luck getting past him without paying).

See you then,



Week 22 - Playoff Report

Here's the Week 22 Report.


Week 21 - Playoff Report

Here's the Week 21 Report.


Changes to team numbers in schedule

To reflect the playoff picture, Team numbers reflect the finishing positions of the team. This will only affect HB and the Collective!!! So, when you're looking at the team schedules, keep this in mind!


Week 20 Report

Here's the Week 20 Report.


After 20 Weeks, we're set for the Playoffs!!!!

Well, it was a hard fought week, but the dust has finally settled with a clear picture of the playoffs in site. The first round will have HB (First Place) taking on The Flames (Fourth Place) and The Collective (Second Place) going head-to-head with The Predators (Third Place). All series will be a best of 5.

I will be working over the next day or so on the new schedule so that everyone knows when they are playing.


League MVP voting & Team Photos

During the league meeting a few weeks ago, it was decided that the best way to vote for the league MVP would be to have all players have a say. For this Sunday, could you please write the name of the player you are voting for on a piece of paper and hand it in to your captain. We will tally up the votes and the winner will be revealed during the banquet.

Also, I'd really like to get team photos done this week and put them on the website. Maybe we can take a few minutes between games to get these done. If you can, please stick around until your team has had their picture taken. If anyone has any "action" shots from throughout the year (especially of me scoring my many glorious goals). Please burn them onto a CD and bring them to me. I'll work on getting them on the site.

Thanks! ..... Dan


Week 19 Report

Here's the Week 19 Report.


Week 18 Report

Here's the Week 18 Report.


Ball Hockey Banquet

Although a date and location have not been decided yet, the league president, vice and captains agreed that a $10 fee would be asked from everyone that will be attending the banquet this year. If you could let your captains know if you will be attending or not, that would be great. If you are, please bring $10 to next week's games.



Hockey cancelled Easter Sunday (March 23rd)

There will be no ball hockey on Easter Sunday. Enjoy the time with your family!


Sunday - Hockey at the Fieldhouse!!

Hey Guys,

I managed to get floor time at the fieldhouse from 2 - 4 PM on Sunday. This will not be league play, so no worries if you can't make it. The cost will be approx. $3 / player, so bring the cash. See you there!



Week 17 Report

Here's the Week 17 Report.



Hey Guys, Sorry for taking so long to put this up on the site, I've been extremely sick and right now haven't even got myself a voice (I can see the smiles now!). Anyway, on Sunday there were a pair of blue Reebok gloves left behind after the game. Whoever owns them, Doug has them and will bring them to next Sunday's game for you.

Also, the school will be closed on March 9th, so there will be no ball hockey played there that week. Doug is looking into alternative places to play, so if one is found, I will let you know on this site as soon as I know.


Week 16 Report

Here's the Week 16 Report.


Week 15 Report

Here's the Week 15 Report.


Week 12, 13 and 14 Reports

Now that Rick's internet connection is back, we've got things flowin' again!

Here's the Week 12 Report.

And the Week 13 Report.

Last but not least, the Week 14 Report.


A couple of things...

First thing. A couple of you have mentioned that the stats do not look right. I agree and I'm going to talk with Rick and go over some things and double check to see if we got everything. I'll let you know when that has been done.

Second thing. For whoever was planning on playing on Friday nights with Peter, hockey will be cancelled for February 8th and 15th.


Stats Updated

The stats have been updated (except for the Week 12 game results).

Also, I have made some minor adjustments to the stats for goaltenders and their backups. To avoid senseless stats on points for backup goaltenders, if the player usually plays out, I will have his point stats listed with all the other players and only his goalenting stats will be listed under "Backup Goaltending". If the backup goaltender is only a fill-in and does not play out, then all of his stats will be listed together. There will be one exception to this and that will be with the Flames. Terry and Travis will be co-starting goaltenders for the time being with the others listed as backups.


For God sake, vote for the man!!!!

Our own personal Flamer ... I mean Flame, Scott Praught, has decided (or maybe it was decided for him) to get married. As it goes, The Fox (The radio station, not the girlfriend) is having a contest in which the winners get a cool $15,000 towards a wedding. Scott and Ginette have been selected in the final 50 couples and I think we could be able to band together and help this guy win. He may not be able to score much in the gym, but let's help a brother score a few in this contest!! Vote for him Here!!.


Week 11 Update

Here's the Week 11 Report.


Fieldhouse update...

Peter would like to pass along that ballhockey at the fieldhouse on December 28th will be canceled, though will resume the following week January 4th from 7-9PM for those interested. Again, $3-$4/per player will cover the 2hrs.

Merry Christmas to all!


I got some bad news for ya....

Doug has learned that the school is not available until Sunday, January 20th for league play. He'll be looking into booking another place to keep us going so keep logging on here for updates.

Take care and Merry Christmas!


Ball Hockey on Friday nights

Peter Wolters has some ball hockey on Friday nights at the Fieldhouse from 7-9 PM. Anyone is welcome to join in. I think it's only 2-3 dollars to play, so it's pretty cheap.

Anyone looking to play can contact peter.wolters@gnb.ca. They plan on playing this friday, so it will fill the void of missing Sundays for the next few weeks.


Week 8 and 10 Reports

Here's the Week 10 Report. along with an overdue Week 8 Report.


Week 9 Report

Well, it looks as though the Week 8 report will not be happening so here is the Week 9 Report.


Week 7 Report

Check out the Week 7 Report.


Yes, we do have rules!!!

Check out our League Rules here.


Week 6 Report

An overdue Week 6 report can be found here!


Week 5 Report

Get your Week 5 report here!


Shawn Merrithew Scores!!! Shawn Merrithew Scores!!!!

Not once, but twice people!!! It's true, after 4 weeks of solid defensive play (actually one of them being in net), Shawn has decided to stop toying with us and grace us with his offensive prowess. The gates are now open people, prepare yourself for the flood!


Week 4 Report

Get your Week 4 report here!


Schedule Changes

Hey Guys

We had a bit of a schedule problem in Week 12 with one team sitting too long, so we corrected it. If any of you are going from a printed off schedule then I highly suggest that you print yourself off another list.

Also, please take note that we WILL NOT be playing on Nov 11th (Week 7) as it unfortunately falls on Remembrance Day


Week 3 Report

Get your Week 3 report here!


A Few Things...

Doug would like to pass on some information about a few things. Firstly, the use of non-streaking sneakers, wooden sticks and black tape are not to be used in the gym. Please make arrangements to come with something that doesn't leave marks on the floor for next week.

Secondly, the nets that we use were purchased by Doug. Captains will be asking from their players for $10 to cover their costs, although we most likely be reimbursing you some of that once we figure out the numbers.

The final note is on for all teams to discuss as it directly affects you. Each team will be required to pay $600. Since some teams have more than others, costs will be different. A 9 player team will be required to pay $67 per player, a 10 player team - $60 per player, and an 11 player team will be roughly $54.55 (I did well in school with math!!). Fees will need to be in no later than the end of october.


Week 2 Report

Rick Bartlett has written down his thoughts on Week 2... Check it out here!


Hockey Cancelled on Sunday October 7th

There will be no hockey next Sunday due to it being the Thanksgiving long weekend. See you on the 14th!


Change between the pipes (and other news)

I'm told that Richard Morneau has given his resignation as the Flames' goaltender and that Terry McFadzen has agreed to take on the role to help the team. Sorry to see you leave Richard, it's been a blast ... take care of yourself.

Something else we've been wanting to bring up is the language issue. I'm the first one to say that mine is not the best at times, but we'll need to remember that, especially by the end of the day, there are kids in the hall waiting to come in and can hear everything we say. What we'll do is close the door to muffle it, but if you could look into turning it down a bit that would be great.


Week 1 Report

Rick Bartlett has once again compiled another field report on how things went down on week 1.... Find it here


A Predator in need!!

Even though he walks this world supporting the Oilers, I feel compelled to help out my fellow leaguer... One of our newcomers, Dale Lyons, is looking to make arrangements with someone to get him to the games when Shawn Merrithew is not available. He lives just off the Hanwell Road close to the UPS building and is willing to chip in for gas. For anyone willing to help him out, please give him a call at 459-8375 or email him at spiral_depression@fastmail.fm .


Directions to the New Maryland Elementary Gym

It's been mentioned that we've never quite confirmed that the new time and place for league play this year will be at the New Maryland Elementary School @ 11 AM - 2 PM.

It's a done deal, folks, so free up your schedules!!! A few rules that they'd like us to mention are as follows: #1 - No black soled shoes, #2 - No black tape on sticks, and finally #3 - No wooden sticks. They must all be one piece sticks. (Don't shoot the messenger!)

Ok, I've gotten online and found out as much information as I could about where this is. It's located at 75 Clover Street in New Maryland. The School is located in the Forbes Subdivision, which is on the right hand side of the road when driving in from Fredericton. Here's some MapQuest.com information that I've found:

1. Come into New Maryland from Route 101 (New Maryland Highway)

2. Turn Right onto Daniel Drive (Forbes Subdivision)

3. Turn Right onto Sprucewood Drive

4. Turn Left onto Clover Street ... number 75.

Hope this helps!


2007-08 Scouting Report

Rick Bartlett has taken the time to write us a scouting report.... Find it here


Update on the When and Where's for the York and League play.

Alright, we will be playing at the York arena on September 9th and 16th. If league members that haven't played this summer with us would like to come out and join in, feel free. Again, the cost will be $12 and will cover both dates (Please pay September 9th!!!)

The new location for league play is still being worked out, but we will most like be starting on September 23rd. The two locations being discussed are: New Maryland - 11 AM to 2 PM and Oromocto (Base) - 4 PM to 7 PM. Whichever one is the most popular will most likely be the one we go with.


Welcome to the League!!!

This 2007-08 season marks alot of changes in the league, one of them being a few more faces. We'd like to welcome 7 newcomers to the rosters...here's the list:

Grant Donovan (The Collective), David Savoie (The Collective), Vince MacDonald (The Predators), Evan Elgee (The Hung and the Breastless), Justin Manzer (The Flames), Brian Muise (The Flames), Scott Praught (The Flames)

I'd also like to welcome a new captain to the league with Trevor Graham deciding to captain his own squad (The Flames). Good luck to everyone this year and let's have a fun year and be safe!!!


More floor time at the York

The city has extended our floor time until the 16th of September. Same time, same place. EVERYONE bring $12 with them this Sunday to cover the extra cost. This extra time should help with figuring out what's going to happen for league play.


Hockey extended one more week

I managed to get the York for one more week. We will be playing at the same time (5-7 PM). Also, we have the option of keeping the floor until the 16th, so I'd like some feedback on what people would want to do. This would most likely mean another $10 or so....it's up to you.


A new year has begun!

The captains got together on Wednesday night to pick new teams. Here's what went down. Team Lists

This year our fee will be $60 and we'll use the extra money towards things like a stop clock, a scoreboard thingy, balls etc...